Scientific :

-Instrument development to measure the fit between an organizations website and marketingstrategy.

-Bachelor thesis about the importance of LOVE in strategic decision making.

-Quest to answer the question: Why has bureaucracy such a bad name and is this justified?

- Master Thesis (MSc Business Science - Consultancy - Strategy MBA)
Traditional versus Modern organizational Strategy.
(Actually this was also about LOVE, and Futurist Thinking)






Lectures and presentations:
Guestlecture VU University, privacy on the internet, 2006
Guestlecture VU University, psychology, 2006
Presentation S-For Sarajevo, 2007
Guestlecture Sandberg institute, post graduate programme Rietveld Academy. "Virtual worlds", 2007
Guestlecture HvA Fashion institute, about SL and (philosphical) deliberate choice for beauty and (practical) how to set up projects in SL, 2008
Projectleader VU University, Virtual Worlds Mash Up for course Visual Design, Computer Science, 2008
Guestlecture Multi Media festival Piemonte ToShare, Turin, Italy, curator Bruce Sterling, 2008
Guestlecture ISEA08 International Symposium on Electronic Art, Singapore, 2008
Guestlecture Cellsbutton #02 festival Yogyakarta, 2008
Guestlecture Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, 2008
Presentation C-base Transmediale festival for digital culture, Berlin, feb 2009
Teammember VPRO film Another Perfect World, Channel 4, Toronto filmfestival etc, 2009
Lecture MetaMeets, Pakhuis de Zwijger, 22,23 mei 2009
Dicussion panel member: How many lives can a person have? in collaboration with Creative Technology University Twente, juni 2009
Guestlecture AKI ArtEZ kunstacademie, 2009
Guestlecture University Twente, 2009
Development, together with Bruce Sterling, theme Atompunk, 2008
Screening and presentation International Film Festival Moscow, 2009
Lecture Theory & Practice St Petersburg, 2009
Brainscanner project at Kunstvlaai, 2010
Presentation WorldExpo Shanghai, 2010
Presentation Conflux media art festival New York, 2010
Exhibition Layar Invasion Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York, 2010
Presentation of work at ARTpie Istanbul, 2010
Presentation International Symposium on Electronic Arts, RUHR - sociopolitcs and media
Symposium, Panel discussion (about the future of art) and Performance at Japan Media Arts Festival and club SuperDeluxe (home of Pecha Kucha), Japan, 2011
Organizing group of artists, scientists, designers, technicians, to collaborate and develop new applications for new technologies, LED-light, for PHILIPS R&D, 2012
Exhibition at TechFest, Mumbai, India, 2012
Presentation at Moscow Film Festival, at Media Forum Moscow, Russia, 2012
Jury member One Minutes, Amsterdam, 2012
Organization Business Event, head of Marketing, more at TEC-ART @ Rotterdam Art Week, 2013
invited for panel discussion on Wearable technology
Presentation on modern activism and cutivism, about FEMEN, GOGBOT and Twente Biennale at CultClub at NRC, 2013
Presentation at OHM hackercamp, the Netherlands, Aug 2013
TEC-ART @ Rotterdam Art Week, Feb 2014
Presentation at off-the-grid event in Singularity City (not permitted to share any details), Nov 2014
founding Dark Matter, Jan 2015
Presentation at Afrika Burn, South Africa, May 2015
Presentation at CCC (Chaos Communication Camp), Zehdenick, Germany, at Nurdspace and at La Quadrature du Net, Aug 2015
Presentation at Institute of Crypto Anarchy – Parallel World, crypto people and artists discussing the role of new technologies and decentralization (not only) in crisis scenarios, Prague, Czech Republic, Oct 2015
Informal International Theatre Meeting (IETM) curator sessions Transmedia Storytelling, The Parallel World – The Internet of Things & Augmented Reality , Wearables, Best Practices & Digital Decor & Virtual Reality: the use of the digital in Live Arts, Digital Activism & Sharing & Do it yourself. Curator EXPO, April 2016
Presentation at Hackercamp Camp ++, Fort Monostor, Komarom, Hungary. Building a bridge between artists and hackers. Not only hackers do Security, Privacy and Hacking. Hacked Industy Robots playing records, Exoskeletons, Power-of-Google-out-of-control, Grindcore Karaoke-bar, Robots and Activism reaching a broad audience. Presentation Manifestations @ Drinks and Demos – High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Sept 2016
Curator Exhibition RuhrTriennale 10&11 September VR weekend, Sept 2016
Dutch Design Week: Curator, Organiser with MADlab: Manifestations - “Will the Future Design Us?”, in 2016: exoskeletons, robots, palantir, anti-utopian situations, 3dfractals, punk, internet-of-women-things, psychiatric institute for robots, etc and in 2016 winner of the Title "Best of DDW 2016" as 25 of 2000 best participants and was public favourite of many, also in top 5 of Dezeen (architecture and design blog), in several Dutch National Newspapers and tip#1 of High Tech Campus, Oct 2016
Host event: Entrepreneur meets Artist, Oct 2016
Host event: Internet of Women Things - Workshop, Oct 2016
Turning my presentation into interrogating the audience: Creative Coding Amsterdam 10100, Jan 2017
Presentation Internet of Women Things – Manifestations @ Drinks and Demos – High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Feb 2017
Curator exhibition Homage to Nervous Systems @ Tetem artspace, Jan, Feb, March 2017
Curator exhibition Internet of Women Things @ Tetem artspace, March, April, May 2017
Jury-member at hackathon on E-Health, March 2017
Presentation (UK) About not making same mistakes in #AR & #VR we already made in the 90s. To lots of ppl VR is new, let's use our experience, April, 2017
Presentation Nervous Systems and Internet of Women Things at Qua Art – Qua Science, April, 2017
Lecture Internet of Women Things – Female Power and Potential @ Enschede, May 2017
Lecture on What we can learn from the mistakes we made with VR in the 90s at Digital Reality at Effenaar @ Eindhoven, May 2017
Performance Virtual Intimacy @ Live Performers Meeting, Radion Amsterdam, May 2017
Lecture Virtual Intimacy & Internet of Women Things – Expert Programma – Maker Faire Twente @ Enschede, May 2017
VR movie 48 hours project Amsterdam, June 2017
Dutch Design Week: Curator, Organiser EXPO with MAD: Manifestations – Will the Future Design Us?, Oct 2017
@ jan 2018 Curator exhibition on Safety and Security What are digital alternatives for Camera’s to enhance safety? And which artworks could inspire the Safety domain? @ Tetem artspace & Hogeschool Avans Den Bosch
@ mar 2018 expert debate Privacy versus Safety on the new WIV law with CDA, VVD, PvdA, GroenLinks
@ march 2018 Curator and co-organiser Sleepwetfestival incl IT security debat participant, with Directeur MIVD generaal-majoor Onno Eichelsheim.
@ may 2018 and 2019 Creating educational material and giving classes on the History of Tech Art @ University of Twente
@ june 2018 Mini-Manifestations @ Crafted festival Summa college Eindhoven
@ oct 2018 Manifestations Largest Art Technology and Fun Event at Dutch Design Week >35.000 visitors
@ nov 2018 Best of Manifestations at Bright Day
@ dec 2018 Curator Big Brother or Smart Sister
@ dec 2018 talk Data and Algorithms @ Government: dept of Internal Affairs
@ dec 2018 talk at CCC Congress 35c3 Leipzig “Get out of your bubble”
@ april, june 2019 @HKU (media) and KABK (IMD): workshop on presenting to the outside world, for young artists ” Excellent presenteren”
@ june 2019 Dutch Technology Week – Sioux technologies Tech festival, Ketelhuisplein Eindhoven
@ april exhibition and presenting solo expo “Sander Veenhof – Be Your Own Robot” in Tetem, Enschede
@ may 2019 presentation Best of Manifestations bij landelijk event VNG (Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten)
@ oct 2019 Manifestations EXPO: Largest Art Technology and Fun Event at Dutch Design Week >35.000 visitors incl tours Roche, ministerie van VWS, burgemeesterstours, Rotary, vluchtelingenkids, Turkish professional network, Canadese delegatie en vele anderen.
@ nov 2019 Best of Manifestations at Bright Day, and other locations.
@ nov 2019 VPRO Tegenlicht panel about “De Grote Dataroof” with Lotje Siffels, Bart Jacobs.
@ dec 2019 & 2020 program proposal and art development (by connecting artists and technicians) for CUBE Designmuseum Kerkrade – (Re)design Death
@ maart 2020 Het coronavirus en de coronacrisis – Whitepaper – publication in collaboration with Wim van Alphen – microbiologist, safety expert and father – SDU Publishers, PDF.
@ sept 2020 Member of Expert team VWS (Ministry of Health) considering the Dutch corona app.
@ sept 2020 Developed and built de-centralized festival presentations: on Virtual Worlds (Second Life, Mozilla Hub, Sansar, more) and in physical life (Refugee locations, elderly homes, High Tech Campus, Maker Faire Eindhoven, etc).
@ sept 2020 ISEA Canada (International Symposium on Electronic Art) – Best of Manifestations.
@ nov 2020 MAD emergent art center 25 years Metaverse.
@ dec 2020 Our Brave New World – Symposium Fontys University and Book about Hoe Internet en Digitalisering de Creatieve Industrie Beinvloeden en artikel over Festivals als Labs.
@ march 2021 Beleidsochtend Fontys University – Virtual Worlds and Ownership in the digital space
@ march 2021 Tetem, video: hoe kan je het best omgaan met technologische ontwikkelingen:
@ april 2021 class program Fontys Crosslab Academie Beeldende Kunsten Tilburg
Click on the tab Agenda for an overview:


List of articles about me/my work:
Overzicht Virtuele Werelden voor Festivals en Events, Media, marketing & digitale trends blog Frankwatching, April, 2021
Openingsdag Dutch Design Week met o.a. Viola van Alphen en Jeroen Junte - For Starters, DDW Oct, 2020
Lievere Technology, Gelderlander Oct, 2019
De mens is ook natuur, Eindhovens Dagblad, Oct, 2019
Kunst is de innovatie vooruit, Innovation Origins, Oct 2016
Wij zijn het meest kritische onderdeel van de hele DDW., Innovation Origins, Oct 2016
( ...Too many to update, check reports of events, exhibitions and annual reports, for instance, 1 paragraph below)
Met Thaise film naar de WereldExpo, Gelderlander Sept, 2009
Developing new Atompunk concept, BLEND Sept, 2009
Wonderlijke installaties, Tubantia Sept 2009
Russian media: 1. Art Best Seller 2. Hooligan XYMTAH (Russian edition of Dazed and Confused) 3. Des Illusionist 4.Snob, June, 2009.
Why Virtual Art, Ball State University at IDMAA on Social Art, 2009
Viola tegen Straf @ AT5, Feb 2009
Planetart, creatief spel met het media bombardement, Gonzo circus, on innovative music and culture, March 2008
De VU op Second Life Ad Valvas (nr 24, 15 maart 2007), VU University Magazine, RTLnieuws, AT5 nieuws, March, 2007
Radio interview Radio 1, about exhibition VWMU (Virtual Worlds Mash Up), curated by me, Jan 2009
Radio interview Radio 1, about Second Life. Jan, 2007
Multimedia festival GOGBOT (15.000 visitors) / Dagblad Tubantia, NRC, NRC Next, Volkskrant, Financieel Dagblad, etc. 2007-2008-2009
Twente Biënnale /Tubantia, NRC, NRC Next, Volkskrant, Financieel Dagblad 2009.
PLANETART exhibitions: 7 redenen om uit te gaan, NRC next, NRC, Volkskrant, Parool, AT5, TimeOut, Trendwatcher, WIRED,, MTV, Dutch Railroad TV, etc.
Wachten op Godot: The first theaterplay in the Netherlands on Second Life, May 2007
The Red Cross on Second Life, 2007
PICNIC Second Life for the first time live on television 2007
Balie & de Hoeksteen, Second Life live on television 2007
The Avastar, issue 20, 2007
Workshops, guest lectures, guest classes, lectures, art themes, developments, marketing, economy, consultancy, etc, etc.
Volkskrant Wibautstraat 150 Second Life performances
Solo Art-space galery ViolaVirus exhibitions young generation media artists Weteringschans 181
Gastcurator Medialab Enschede Jan 2009
old articles about me:
Lol is leuk, interview met een nieuwe cultster: Viola, een wonderlijk, stralend webmeisje.
Web-fenomeen Viola: Lol is leuk! Impuls magazine nr 66, aug 2001
Webtip Internet Hotspots - Diana Ozon, oktober 2000, nr 10
Viola, een gewoon, lief meisje. Internet Hotspots januari 2000, nr 2.
Gothic, dansen op de dood. De Gelderlander, Voorpagina Cultuur, 24 maart 2000
Blik op de badkamer, Helemaal Thuis - Essent, nr 2 2006



Reports, Media Articles and television screenshots of my projects:
Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us 2020:
@Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.

Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us 2019: @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.

Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us 2018: @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.

Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us 2017: @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.

Manifestations - Will the Future Design Us 2016: @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven. Won the Title: Best of Dutch Design Week 2016! Mentioned in RTL-Z, Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Best tips of Dezeen, Best tip of High Tech Campus, Most critical event of DDW - E52.

TEC ART 2014: International Art Exhibition held during Art Rotterdam Week that showcases new advances in aerospace technologies, Oculus Rift, CERN reactor, and gaming.

GOGBOT 2013 Report & Media Articles Annual event that emphasizes ART + MUSIC + TECHNOLOGY +  MULTIMEDIA through exhibitions, video / film screenings, lectures, social media and parties.  Viewed as the Dutch counter-culture event of the year, according to SF author Bruce Sterling.
These reports include all scans of media articles and television screenshots.

GOGBOT 2012 Report & Media Articles & I&O visitors research

GOGBOT 2011 Report, GOGBOT 2010 Report, GOGBOT 2009 Report, GOGBOT 2009 Program Book, GOGBOT 2009 supplement.

1000 newspaperarticles of FEMEN action at GOGBOT 2012

Report Twente Biennale 2013 & Report Twente Biennale 2011
One of the largest art events in The Netherlands that showcases leading art and innovations from London-Hengelo -Berlin, including Banksy, Damien Hirst, David Cerny, and more. (in the 2013 report, NRC newspaper has a good article about the project)

Annual report PLANETART, incl media:
2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

Photo report (Flickr): PLANETART & Twente Biennale
Video (YouTube): PLANETART & GOGBOT & Twente Biennale
Facebook: GOGBOT & Twente Biennale & TEC ART

other projects:
PLANETART Twente 2011 & Media Articles
PLANETART Amsterdam 2011
PLANETART Mumbai 2011
Presentation at Japan Media Arts Festival 2010
Presentation ISEA Dortmund
Presentation Media Forum International Filmfestival Moscow & Catalogue

Articles written by me:
Overzicht Virtuele Werelden voor Festivals en Events, Media, marketing & digitale trends blog Frankwatching, April, 2021
Welke toekomst willen we eigenlijk?, Tetem, feb 2017
Kunst is de innovatie vooruit, E52, okt 2016
Talloze thema's en inleidingen, to be updated
Here Comes “Atompunk.” And It’s Dutch. So there, editted by Bruce Sterling, WIRED, 2008
Vrouwen naar de top, De mindset van mannen. Samenvatting van onderzoek VU van Seksuologie Avenir economic magazine, VU University - Nederland Ondernemersland, jan 2009, nr 3
Safety First, recensie over privacyvraagstukken, toneelgroep Alaska, Mediamatic culturele agenda, jan 09
PICNIC 2008. Avenir Marketing mix, okt 2008, nr 2
De toekomst van globalisering. Avenir Globalization, mei 2008, nr 5
Virtuele Werelden "hot" in de Kunst 2 mei 2008, Platform Virtuele Werelden, EPN Platform voor de informatiesamenleving
Virtuele Werelden voor kinderen 4 april 2008, Platform Virtuele Werelden, EPN Platform voor de informatiesamenleving
Reactie artikel op opwarming van de aarde: global hoax? Waarom niet voorzichtig zijn? Avenir, 2008, nr 4
Veranderende waarden, Digitaal tijdperk veroorzaakt aardbeving in economische grondbeginselen. Avenir Economische oorlog, maart 2008, nr 4
Hoe is je digitale voorkomen? Avenir Get a job, 2008, nr 3
De VU op Second Life, Picture your Vuture 2007
Hoe ziet de technologie er over 10 jaar in het onderwijs uit?, Avenir Study for your money, jan 2008, nr 2
Adverteren op Second Life, Avenir Hypes nov 2007, nr 1
Gebruik je de volle 100%? Empowerment en POS, nieuwe trends? Avenir sept 2007, nr 1
Wie, wat en waar op de faculteit, Avenir Welkom op de VU, juli 2007, nr 7 (tip!)
Importeren uit China, Avenir Emerging Markets, juni 2007, nr 6
Peak oil, hoe voorkomen we een oliecrisis? Avenir Sustainability, april 2007, nr 5
Privacy, waar liggen de grenzen in Technologie en Marketing? Avenir maart 2007, nr 4
Plasterk, wat staat ons te wachten?
Wat zit er nu àchter Second Life? Avenir maart 2007, nr 4
Tips en trucs voor het bouwen van je eigen website-plaatjes Avenir feb 2007, nr 3
Tips en trucs voor het bouwen van je eigen website-promotie Avenir dec 2006, nr 2
Tips en trucs voor het bouwen van je eigen website-html Avenir okt 2006, nr 1
RFID Avenir okt 2006
Tragedie van de commons, Avenir ontwikkelingsamenwerking juli 2006, nr 6
Kinderen en carrière, hoe maak je ze samen? Avenir Emancipatie nov 2005, nr 2
Waarom staan er zoveel kantoorpanden leeg terwijl er grote woningnood is? Avenir carrière
feb 2006, nr 4

Floortje Meijners: Studeren en topsport? Avenir magazine Sport, januari 2006, nr 3

Gevleugeld Hardsteen Sanitair BDU Uitgevers, nummer 0
Badkamer van het jaar Sanitair BDU Uitgevers, nummer 1
Interview met Europa's populairste designer: Marcel Wanders Sanitair BDU Uitgevers, nummer

Feel-Good-gevoel Tegel Totaal BDU Uitgevers, nummer 1

Keer Het Tij Impuls magazine februari 2004
Kitty Courbois: Dankzij de Vierdaagse aan het toneel Impuls magazine december 2002
Interview met Flake van Rammstein Impuls magazine augustus 2002
Zwervend door Montpellier Impuls magazine juni 2002
Interview met Hans Teeuwen Impuls magazine april 2002
Teknogangers: moderne padvinders Impuls magazine oktober 2001

Verslaglegging Dynamo Open Air festival 1998, met interviews met Rammstein, Pro Pain,
Soulfly, Deicide, Within Temptation, Radio Rataplan, mei 1998
Radioprogramma "Viola op de radio", Radio Rataplan, 1998

Filmscenario Alles doet mij pijn. 1996
Several Song texts 1996

Voorwoord, ZaZa, nr 2, 1993
Doodstraf, een onmenselijk begrip? ZaZa, nr 2, 1993
Gedichten (verzameling) ZaZa, nr 2, 1993
Nijmegenaar verwoest fiets. ZaZa, nr 3, 1993
Mededelingen, ZaZa, nr 3, 1993
Leraren tips ZaZa, nr 4, 1994
Puzzel ZaZa, nr 4, '94, nr 2, 1995
Vraag het aan Angela ZaZa, nr 1,2 1994, nr 3,4 1995
ZaZa kantine enquete en leraren enquete ZaZa, nr 2, 1994
Oproep aan.. ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Uitlag ZaZa enquete ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Interview Erik van Muiswinkel ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Antwoord van Antoine ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Escher tekening ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Uitslag leraren enquete ZaZa, nr 4, 1995
Wachten op de dood ZaZa, nr 4, 1995
Claudia Sleming, Nederlands kampioene badminton op onze school! ZaZa, nr 4, 1995
Voorkant foto Gijs Staverman, 40 jaar NSG ZaZa, nr 1, 1995
Voorwoord ZaZa, nr 1, 1995
Economie ZaZa, nr 1, 1995
Tourtime ZaZa, nr 1, 1995
Interview met Paul de Leeuw ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Over mij: genoemd in The History of Mathematics
Fotografie ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Sex in de Lindenberg ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Lustrumfeest ZaZa, nr 2, 1995
Amnesty lijst tegen de doodstraf ZaZa, nr 2, 1996
Interview met Type O Negative ZaZa, nr 3, 1996
Interview met Van Dik Hout ZaZa, nr 3, 1996